Timeless Weddings

I am a wedding obsessor, from my own wedding to the ones of people around me, i'm the first to say what makes a good wedding

Bridal Hoodies

Theres a dilemma i’m having as to whether to get one of these for travelling before and after I get married. They seem very comfortable and very fancy as you can add rhinestones and pictures and customize them, however my worry is once you’re married they are rendered pointless. With all of this added up, i’m going to get one anyway because while its one of those items that you can do without its one of the fun things you can have in the run up to your wedding to let people know why you’re either really happy or really stressed. I find it kind of gives everyone an answer without there having to be a question. 
Keeps brides happy :)

Flower Girls

when it comes to wedding attendants i find that flower girls are one of the cutest of all. Considering they are normally quite young, they walk down the aisle or sometimes run and then they manage to sit quietly. My youngest cousin is going to be a flower girl and as she’s quite a strong minded child i can imagine it shall be a fun experience for everyone. 

Outside vs inside

The merits of outside weddings and receptions are that in good weather everyone will be happy from the wedding but also for the weather. The downside is that the weather can sometimes be against you. It might rain of get windy and then guests can get grumpy. However if you want an outside wedding and the weather might not be good, then favours can be scarves or sunglasses. An inside wedding removes all weather problems however again removes happiness of sunshine.


The wonders of Pinterest when planning a wedding are endless. Other people ideas and dreams are there and also there some handy guides. My Pinterest board keeps growing and includes things like classy table decorations to groomsmen in superhero cuff links. It’s actually quite helpful


Today I read a Pinterest pin about an idea for a bachelorette night. Go to a charity shop and buy the ugliest bridesmaid dress possible. Then go paint balling. I must try this, and so have arranged for me and my friends to go paint balling in ugly bridesmaids dresses. Lets hope they protect us. 

Wedding dress cake

I’ve just seen a 17 tier wedding cake in the shape of a wedding dress. It was beautiful. If that’s your thing £2000 is small fortune for it

Disney weddings make it seem more of a fairy tale than it really is 

Weddings make everyone happy

I’m a wedding obsessor. Its one of those things that every little girl dreams of when they grown up, when they will meet prince charming, the big dress. I love that, even if some of the dresses are not to nice. PArticularly i love large weddings, with fancy centre pieces, where the bride tries really hard to make her day one to remember, when everyone knows even if it was just some daisies in a vase on a table with some sandwiches it would still be the most amazing day of her life.

I’m always looking for wedding related things, particularly for me, my wedding and now the wedding of my Uncle. I wish him the best.